Family Office and Private Trust Company Advisors

We advise families with private trust companies or family offices regarding the management of those entities, compliance with regulatory requirements and the duties of a trustee.  We assist these families in creating policy manuals, operating procedures and other governing documents tailored to their needs and structures.  We actively coordinate with a client’s other advisors, including other law firms and accountants, when questions involving areas, such as securities, real estate and corporate, arise to ensure that the client’s complete array of legal needs is addressed.

We help clients plan and organize family meetings to discuss legal structures, roles and responsibilities of family members and family goals.  We advise when a private trust company may be beneficial for a family and have created these companies to manage assets for families.  We currently act as general counsel to private trust companies that each manage over $1 billion in assets, ranging from direct private equity interests to artwork to controlling interests in public companies to real estate funds.